Winco Generators

Trailers for PTO Generators

Made in the USA

In stock in Milden SK.

The landed price of the trailer in Milden is $1,969.00 (Canadian) (Taxes Extra)

Product Features

TDM80 Medium PTO Trailer

     Compatible with the following Winco generators:

         W10PTOS, W15PTOS, 27PTOC4, 30PTOC4,

         35PTOC4, 50PTOC4, 55PTOC4, W70PTO, W70PTOS

Off-Road Tires

     Allows for easy maneuverability

The trailer may be able to be used with other PTO generators depending on PTO shaft alignment.

The generator would mount in the middle of the trailer, equal distance between the tires with the center of gravity forward of the axel.

The PTO Generator shaft should line up with the draw bar.

Generator and PTO shaft not included.