Starting at MSRP $5,300.00

There is nothing bigger than this. We checked. Our EC22 provides more running watts than any other air-cooled generator on the market. It is a great unit to add to vehicles and trailers that reduces cost and weight in comparison to liquid-cooled models.

Product Features

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine

     Premium-grade Vanguard engines are application-

     engineered to power equipment that works for a living

Low Oil Protection

     In the event of low-oil level, the engine will shut down,

     which will protect the engine from damage.

Vacuum Fuel Pump

     30″ fuel lift capability.

MAUX Auxiliary System

     Ensures the generator end can withstand 300%

     motor starting inrush for 20 seconds.

100% Load Tested

     We load test every generator before it leaves our factory.

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